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Reusable Silicone Anti-Wrinkle Pad Patch Face Neck Wrinkle Removal Patch Pad Facial Skin Lift Anti Aging Facial Beauty Tools

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2 Styles Facial Patches,Anti Wrinkle Strips,Anti Wrinkle Patches,Forehead Wrinkle Patches,Eye Wrinkle Patches,Wrinkle Treatment Smoothing Wrinkle Patches

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11 pieces Wrinkle Patches

Packing List:
1*chest sticker
1*forehead sticker
1*neck sticker
2*cheek sticker
6*eye sticker

11 pieces Facial Wrinkle Patches

1*neck sticker
1*forehead sticker
2*cheek sticker
2*mouth corner sticker
6*Nose stickers
4*chin sticker


【Silicone material】:It help train the eye facial muscles to regain firmness & elasticity to expression lines, forehead, crow’s feet and décolletage. Your face skin will look young again and you will feel beautiful and confident.
【Complete Set 】: Comes in a complete set of anti-wrinkle pads designed to target wrinkle-prone areas of the body.
【Comfortable Wear 】: Made of skin-friendly silicone which is ultra soft, lightweight and breathable, making it comfortable to wear.
【Washable & Reusable 】:Safely reuse it as many times as you want! Wash with soap and water after use.
【Overnight Results】: Wear overnight and wake up to amazing, wrinkle-free results!

Reusable up to 50 or 60 times and targeting all the face areas, Patches are a simple method to reverse deep expression lines without dangers of injections or toxic chemicals.

Easy to apply and not messy, you ’ll forget that you wear them.

Instructions for use:

Step 1: ensure your skin has no moisturizer, sunscreen or sweat, thoroughly clean your chest and exfoliate dead skin cells.
Step 2: remove the pad from bag, and peel off plastic shield, do not discard the shield because you will use this to store your pad later.
Step 3: hold the sticky side of pad to your chest, press firmly and evenly to get good adhesion.
Step 4: in the morning, remove the chest pad slowly using an upwards motion.
Step 5: wash the pad with soap and water, avoid cleansers, moisturizing oil.
Step 6: leave air-dried and keep adhesive side upward, do not use towel to wipe and dry.
Step 7: store the pad back into the packing bag and away from dust.
Step 8: reusable up to 15-20 times, for better results, wear overnight, do not use broken skin or if you have a known or suspected sensitivity to silicone.

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